This section is for City of Wolverhampton Councillors only. This page will be updated regularly in the rapidly changing situation.
Where can I find up-to-date general advice/information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Up-to-date information and guidance can be found on the NHS website and through the Council’s website pages on Coronavirus:

Are Councillor meetings still going ahead?

Following the Prime Minister's announcement of greatly increased social distancing measures, it was announced on 24 March that all Council meetings will be cancelled for the next twelve weeks. This decision, made with agreement from the Leader and the Leader of the Opposition, has not been taken lightly. However, public welfare must take precedence.

We are still awaiting emergency legislation to be passed which will allow meetings to take place remotely. Further details will be shared with Councillors when we receive guidance from Central Government. 

Is the format of surgeries changing?

In line with national guidance, all face-to-face surgeries have been cancelled until further notice. This is to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission. All Councillor pages on the website have been updated to reflect this.

We are encouraging Councillors to host “virtual surgeries” where Councillors set aside specific times to answer any incoming queries by telephone or Skype/Microsoft Teams. If you would like virtual surgery times to be listed on your webpage, then please contact

Who do I contact if I need to self-isolate?

If you are self-isolating and will, therefore, be unavailable to attend Councillor meetings, please contact either the Leader or the Leader of the Opposition to let them know. This will ensure that you are not put forward to attend meetings in person.

Are Council Officers still available to contact?

Wherever possible, Council officers will be working from home in line with national guidance. This is likely to continue until at least Friday 17th April.

Arrangements have been made for officers to perform as much of their duties as possible from home. As such, they can be contacted via email or telephone as normal.

Who can I contact for further guidance?

If you have any further questions, please contact the democratic services team on or telephone 01902 550320.