The Sustainable Communities Act 2007 gives residents the opportunity to come up with proposals to improve where they live and we would like to hear your ideas.

What type of proposals will be considered?

Any proposal submitted must need action from central government and must, therefore, be something that the council cannot already do.

Your proposal must seek to improve one of four aspects of 'sustainability' for your local area. The four aspects of sustainability (with examples for each) are:

  • economic - such as the provision of local jobs and services through keeping post offices open by directing government subsidies to the local authority 
  • social - such as tackling unemployment by transferring responsibility for training and apprenticeships from government quangos to the local council
  • environmental - such as promoting local food sources by giving business rate relief to those businesses that earn 50% of their turnover from selling local food and goods
  • participation in civic or political activity - such as giving local people the power to vote on local issues by collecting enough signatures on a petition to call a local referendum

Proposals that require additional funding from central government will not be considered.

How do I submit a proposal?

We can accept proposals put forward by any individual or group.

To submit a proposal, download and complete the proposal form.

What happens after a proposal is submitted?

We will consult with local people to try to reach agreement about any ideas submitted and following a decision on which proposals to submit, we will put forward the agreed local ideas on the Government Barrier Bursting website.

Government will then issue a response to all proposals that are submitted.