Request a review on your anti social behaviour case

If you are not satisfied with the way your ASB (antisocial behaviour) case is being dealt with, you can use the Community Trigger to request a review. If the Community Trigger request meets the required threshold, agencies including Wolverhampton City Council, Wolverhampton ASB Team, West Midlands Police and social housing providers will have a duty to carry out a case review.

What are the criteria of requesting a review (Community Trigger threshold)?

In order for a review to take place, one of the following need to be satisfied:

  • an individual has reported three separate incidents relating to the same problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or your landlord
  • an individual has reported one incident or crime motivated by hate (due to race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity) in the last six months and no action has been taken
  • at least 5 people have made reports about the same problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or your landlord and no action has been taken

To qualify for a review under the Community Trigger the ASB/hate crime must be reported within one month of the alleged behaviour taking place.

Can I use the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger can be used by:

  • a victim of any age who believes they have experienced harassment, alarm and distress and are not satisfied with the response they have received from agencies
  • a person acting on behalf of a victim, for example, a family member, friend, carer, councillor, MP or other professional people. The victim's consent should be sought by the person using the Community Trigger on their behalf
  • the victim can be an individual, a business or a community group

How do I request a review of my case under the Community Trigger?

Complete online forms

Individual request for Community Trigger

Group request for Community Trigger

Download a Community trigger request form from the Downloads section

Phone: 01902 551188

What happens next?

Once we receive your Community Trigger request form, we will then assess your case and, if the threshold has been met, the agencies involved in your case will conduct a review of the way in which it has been dealt with. If the review panel feels that further action is required, they may make recommendations to the relevant agency. You will be kept informed throughout the review process.

A map detailing the Community Trigger process and response timescales can be downloaded from the process map

Further information

If you require more information about the Community Trigger, you can email us at or 'phone us on 01902 551188.


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