Stillbirth registration is a legal requirement but it also gives parents the opportunity to have their child officially acknowledged and to give the child a name if they wish to.

At this difficult time, it is essential that the process of registering a stillbirth is as trouble-free as possible. A stillborn child is legally defined as "a child born after the 24th week of pregnancy who did not show any signs of life at any time after being born."

All stillbirths can be registered with our Registration team over the telephone. An appointment will be required to register a stillbirth. 

Please contact us on 01902 555777 between 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday to make an appointment.

Who can register a stillbirth? 

  • the mother of the baby 
  • the father of the baby (of a married couple only) 
  • relatives of parents who have knowledge of the stillbirth 
  • the occupier of the premises where the stillbirth took place (eg governor or hospital matron) 
  • a person present at the stillbirth

At the appointment

The registrar will ask you for the following information at the time of registration:

  • place and date of birth of the baby 
  • sex of the baby 
  • the baby's name and last name, if you want to name the baby 
  • your names, places of birth and occupations 
  • mother's maiden name. 

You will be given a certificate of burial or cremation and a certificate of registration of stillbirth. The registrar will write the name of the baby on these certificates if the name is recorded in the register.