Some of the main things to be done, other than registering the death and arranging the funeral, are listed. This is not a complete list covering everyone's individual circumstances.

Things to Send Back

Bereavement Services can help you with the following items, make sure to include a note of explanation and the date of death with each of the documents:

  • passport to the Passport Office
  • driving licence to the DVLA
  • the registration documents of a car, for the change of ownership to be recorded
  • library books and tickets
  • Centro bus/travel pass

You should also return:

  • pension/Benefit payment cheques to the Department for Work and Pensions or other office which issued the payment (pre-paid envelopes are available from the Bereavement Centre) 
  • membership cards of clubs and associations
  • NHS equipment such as wheelchairs, hearing aids and artificial limbs

People to Tell

Bereavement Services can help you contact the following organisations: 

  • the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • the Social Services department of the council if the person was getting meals-on-wheels, home help, day centre care, lived in a care home or had an appliance or piece of equipment issued by Social Services
  • Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs if Tax Credits or Child Benefit were in payment or if the deceased was paying income tax
  • Wolverhampton Homes if the deceased was living in a council house
  • the Revenues and Benefits Service 
  • any hospital the person was attending
  • the education service if the deceased is of school age

You should also tell: 

  • any company or personal pension provider (if West Midlands Pension Fund are the provider then this can be dealt with via Bereavement Services)
  • the landlord if the person who has died was living in rented accommodation
  • the family doctor to cancel any home nursing
  • any employer or trade union
  • the deceased person's bank or building society
  • the teacher, employer or college of a child or young person, if a parent, brother, sister, grandparent or close friend has died
  • car insurance company (if you are insured to drive the car under the deceased person's name, you will cease to be legally insured)
  • the deceased person's water, gas, electricity and telephone suppliers
  • the Post Office so that they can redirect the deceased person's mail to the person who will be responsible for the estate
  • it may be appropriate to contact a minister of religion or representative of your faith community
  • any home/contents insurance company (to ensure cover continues where necessary)