Find out if you are eligible to apply for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

You can get help to pay your rent if you are on a low income.

Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs can help to reduce the amount of rent you pay.

Please answer the questions below to find out if you are eligible.

Accommodation details

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Household Circumstances

Household pension age status

You will need to tell us about the pension age of yourself and any partner.

If you don't know whether you are considered to be a pensioner, use the checker.

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Additional Help To Pay Your Rent

You can also apply for help with your housing costs through a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) or in some exceptional circumstances Household Support Fund (HSF).

To qualify for a Discretionary Housing Payments you must be receiving Housing Benefit or the Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit, however, you can still apply for a Household Support Fund if you don’t receive Housing Benefit or Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit.

Apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment and/or Household Support Fund Help Housing Costs

Apply for DHP and/or HSF