The landlord portal will enable you to view your payments, search for entitlements and much more.

A new improved Landlord Portal will be available from mid-December 2021.

A new user guide will be added to the Download section which details how to navigate around the new portal as well as how to add additional users.

A new link will be made available to access the new portal once landlords have been migrated over from the current portal. Both versions of the Portal will be available for a period of time

If you receive direct payments of Housing Benefit on behalf of your tenants, you need to register to use the Landlord Portal

Visit the Landlord Portal

The portal gives you the ability to be able to search and check payments made and view individual transactions which are included in your overall payment.  You will also have the option to view previous transactions.

To register please contact us to create your account and set your password.

Alternatively please telephone 01902 551166 for further assistance.