Find out below if you are able to make a backdated claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction.

Backdated claims for Council Tax Support will be subject to the time limitations below.

What is a backdated benefit?

Normally we will start your claim from the Monday after we receive your application form. If you are of working age you can ask for your benefit/reduction to be backdated if there is "good cause" why you didn't apply for your benefit/reduction earlier. Housing Benefit may be backdated for a maximum of 1 month from the date of application. Council Tax Support can be backdated for a maximum of 1 month from the date of application.

If you are over Pension Credit Age you do not have to provide "good cause", your award will automatically be backdated for 3 months.

Calculate your pension credit age/state pension retirement age

There is no formal definition of 'good cause', each case will be decided according to its own individual situation. The government provide guidelines for councils on what sort of circumstances may be classed as "good cause". Not knowing about Benefits or Support is not by itself considered to be a good reason, as the Government consider that information on Benefits and Support is publicised and that advice on how to claim is available.

Some examples of when you may have 'good cause' are:

  • if you did not immediately claim benefit/reduction after leaving hospital
  • if you were ill and had no-one to make a claim on your behalf
  • if you did not understand that you could claim - perhaps because of age, inexperience or language difficulties
  • if you have suffered a recent family bereavement

Making a claim

If you wish to claim backdated Benefit/Support, please contact us here.

Please give us as much information as you can about why you didn't claim at the time.

The maximum period that a claim can be backdated is one month if you are of working age, or three months if you are of Pension Credit Age, from the date we receive the backdate request.

You will need to provide evidence of your income and circumstances for the period of your backdating request.

You will need to be entitled to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support for the period concerned and liable to pay rent and/or Council Tax.