Information for residents and advisers on benefits and welfare reform including 'volunteering and benefits' and current benefit rates guide.

Benefit Bulletins

Information Guides

Bulletin 1: Welfare Reform Guide 1: Universal Credit
Bulletin 2: Two Child Limit Guide 2: Universal Credit Claims and Payments
Bulletin 3: Family Element Guide 3: Universal Credit - Claimant Commitment
Bulletin 4: ESA Less Money Guide 4: Sanctions and Hardship Payments
Bulletin 5: Changes to PIP

Guide 5: Universal Credit and the Work Capability Assessment*

Bulletin 6: New Bereavement Support Payment Guide 6: Employment and Support Allowance
Bulletin 7: HB and CTR Reviews Guide 7: WCA Toolkit
Bulletin 8: Council Tax Reduction Guide 8: Personal Independence Payment
Bulletin 9: Universal Credit Full Service Guide 9: PIP Toolkit
Bulletin 10: Budget Changes to Universal Credit

Guide 10: Form Filling*

Benefits Bulletin 11 - PIP Mobility 23.1.2018 Guide 11: Benefits and Young People
Benefits Bulletin 12 - PIP Ending Awards Early 24.1.2018 Guide 12: The Benefit Cap
Benefits Bulletin 13 - Mortgage Interest Support (REVISED) Guide 13: Spare Room Subsidy
Benefits Bulletin 14 - Universal Credit - Too Sick to Work 2 Guide 14: DWP Social Fund
Benefits Bulletin 15 - ESA Too Sick to Work Guide 15: Local Welfare Assistance
Benefits Bulletin 16 - Online Appeals Guide 16: Benefits and People from Abroad
Bulletin 17: Universal Credit Migration Guide 17: JSA Sanctions
Bulletin 18: Historic ESA Error October 2018 Guide 18: ESA Sanctions
Bulletin 19: Universal Credit Update November 2018 Guide 19: Disputes and Appeals
Bulletin 20: Universal Credit - Early payment of wages over holiday period Guide 20: Going to Appeal

Benefit Bulletins 2019

Information Guide 21: Useful Contacts and Websites*
Bulletin 1 [2019]: Universal Credit Update January 2019  
Bulletin 2 [2019]: Pension Credit and Children  
Bulletin 3 [2019]: EEA Nationals and Universal Credit  


Volunteering and Benefits  
WRS Benefit Rates Guide 2018-2019  

*Work on these Guides has yet to be completed. Once completed they will appear on this page.