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Tell us you have moved house

You will need to inform us if you are moving in to or out of the area, whether or not you currently pay Council Tax. If you wish to notify us of a change of address, please select the option which applies to you and fill in the form.

Use this form to tell us about any change of address. You can use it if you are moving into Wolverhampton, moving out of Wolverhampton or moving between Wolverhampton properties.

If you are unsure which Local Authority your address is in please check

The information you give us will help us keep your council tax details right, and help us check for any discounts you might be entitled to.

iCM Form
  1. Change of address
    1. If you move house it is important that you tell us as soon as possible. To make sure you fill in the correct form, please select the right option below.
    2. Get in touch if you are not sure which situation applies to you. (Link opens in a new window).
    3. How would you best describe your move?