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Report overhanging vegetation

If you are experiencing problems with overhanging vegetation, the council may be able to take action to alleviate the problem.

If the vegetation is coming from private land not causing an obstruction

The council does not get involved in such matters.

If damage is being caused it may be possible to sue under Trespass laws. Members of the public have the power to cut back any branches that overhang their property providing that it does not kill the shrub/tree and that they can offer/give the branches cut back to the land owner where the shrub/tree originated from.

Please refer to this page for information on loss of natural light.

If the vegetation is coming from council/public land and causing an issue

Please refer to this section for more guidance.

If the vegetation is coming from private land and causing an obstruction/danger to the highway

Wolverhampton Council aims to have issues resolved between parties before formal action is taken

If you believe it is a serious immediate danger to the public contact Customer Services.

There is a legal requirement for Land Owners not to cause an obstruction. To prevent obstructions the quickest way to ensure the vegetation is cut back would often be for the customer to speak to the landowner / occupier and to make them aware of the nuisance. If they prefer to drop a note in the letterbox that may also work. This is appropriate when the landowner is known.

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I have tried the above steps and no action has been taken

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