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Set up a direct debit

Pay your business rates by direct debit

iCM Form
  1. Account
  2. Your details
    1. Label
  3. Bank account details
  4. Select your preferred payment option
    1. You will be sent written confirmation of the amounts to be taken and the payment dates. You will have at least 14 days prior notice of the first instalment to be taken.
  5. The Council is under a duty to protect public funds and, to this end, may use the information held or provided by you for the prevention and detection of fraud.

    It may also share this information with other bodies, including (but not limited to) Wolverhampton Homes, the Police and other agencies for these purposes and also for the audit or administration, collection and recovery of claims, transactions, applications, taxes and payments and for performing other statutory enforcement duties.

    For more information visit Fair Processing Notice Data Matching available at

  6. Form ID: 202