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Personal discounts

Dependent on your circumstances and the size of the household you could be due a discount on your Council Tax bill.

The full Council Tax bill assumes that there are two people aged 18 or over living in the property. However, if only one person lives in the property then they will be entitled to a 25% discount.

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Apply for a personal discount

Discounts for households with more than one person

The council doesn't include certain groups of people when working out the size of the household, so you could still be entitled to a 25% discount. For example, if two people live in the property but one is under 18, a 25% discount would be due.

The council doesn't include the following people when working out the size of the household:

  • children under 18
  • certain school leavers under the age of 20
  • people with severe mental impairment who are in receipt of certain disability and attendance allowances
  • qualifying full time students
  • certain YTS trainees under the age of 25 on a course funded by the Learning and Skills Council
  • student nurses
  • certain apprentices
  • long-term/permanent hospital patients
  • certain people resident in residential care homes, nursing homes or mental nursing home/hostel
  • certain people detained in prison or hospital under a Court Order, the Armed Forces Act 2006 or the Mental Health Act
  • certain care workers
  • members of visiting overseas forces
  • foreign diplomats with diplomatic immunity
  • members of religious communities

Apply for discount/exemption
Apply for discount/exemption