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Wolverhampton City Council - change of bank details

The council has changed its bank account, find details on how this may affect you.

No Change required

  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Payment card

Change required

  • Standing order
  • Internet banking

What do I need to do

You will need to contact your bank and change the details the payments are made to.

WCC Local Taxes Account

(Payments for Council Tax and Business Rates):

  • Sort code - 56 00 69
  • Account number - 44470339

WCC Current Account

(All other payments including Rent and Sundry Debt):

  • Sort code - 56 00 69
  • Account number 44470304

I have made a payment to the old bank details

Don't worry the old Co-operative account is still active and your payment would have gone through as normal.

It will close shortly so do change to the new one as soon as you can.

Further information​

Useful details regarding payments, cheques, contact details and dates are found within the Banking Details FAQ.