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  • Mayor's charity auction 2018

Mayor's charity auction 2018

7 lots are available to bid on in this year's Mayoral charity auction. Bidding starts 10am Wednesday 12 December to 12pm Tuesday 18 December, 2018.

All money raised in this auction will go to the Mayor of Wolverhampton Charitable Trust

How to bid

You can bid from each lot page.You will need to enter your bid making sure that it is higher than the current highest bid along with a valid email address then submit. This will get sent to the Mayoral team who will let you know by email if you are the current highest bidder.

Please note that current highest bids will only be updated during office hours. If you are bidding in the last 15 minutes of the auction, you may not get a direct response from the Mayoral team until after it has ended so keep an eye on the price of the current highest bid in case it goes above yours.

Happy bidding!