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Frequently asked questions

A selection of common questions you might have concerning your Council Tax bill.

Below is an interactive version of a sample Council Tax bill.

I have not received my new Council Tax bill

Council tax bills for the year starting 1 April 2018 will be posted between March 9th and March 14th.  You should allow 2 to 3 days for the Royal Mail to deliver your bill.

You can sign up to see your council tax bill online as soon as it is produced and to receive your future bills electronically so there is never a delay.

Can I change my payment method/instalment plan/set up a direct debit?

You can set up a direct debit online.

If you want to change to any other method of payment or change your instalment date, you need to call us on 01902 551166

Please be aware that our phone lines will be extremely busy between March 9th and March 20th. 

Why have my instalment amounts/payments increased?

The council tax charges from April 2018 have increased. Details of these increases are shown on your bill.  Your instalments will have been changed to reflect this increase.

I am due a refund from my previous year, when will I receive this? / Can I have a refund from my previous years credit?

Any credit on your bill will automatically be used to reduce the payments you need to make for the new year.  If you would rather receive a refund you can request this.

Can my balance (credit) be transferred from my previous year onto my new bill?

Any credit on your bill will automatically be used to reduce the payments you need to make for the new year. 

How much do I owe from my previous bill?

Any amount owed in respect of previous years will be shown as a balance brought forward on your bill.  Please take a look at the sample bill at the following link.

I think my Council tax band is incorrect.

Please visit

I have received my bill but my council tax reduction has not been applied.

Please contact Housing Benefits on 01902 551166 option 1 to check status of Council Reduction

Do I need to set up my direct debit again or does it automatically rollover from last year?

There is no need to set up your direct debit again as it will automatically carry over.

Can my Council Tax arrears for which I already have set a payment plan be added to this year's bill.

Unfortunately this is not possible and you will need to maintain those separately as per the original agreement