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Christmas: trees, bins and recycling

Xmas Tree
Xmas Tree
The council will provide a FREE service to recycle real Christmas Trees - this will take place during recycling collection days over two weeks - Monday to Friday from 14 January to 25 January 2019. If you'd like to take up this service, you must put your tree by your bin on your scheduled recycling collection day during that two week period.

It's free, but it's not for me - If you'd rather not take up the free real Christmas tree recycling service, you can recycle your real Christmas tree at the tip either at Anchor Lane or Shaw Road.

Bin services will run as usual on scheduled collection dates with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

General waste collections

Households scheduled to have their general waste collected on Christmas Day (25 December) will have their bins collected on Thursday 27 December. Households scheduled to have their general waste collection on Boxing Day (26 December) will have their bins collected on Friday 28 December.


Recycling collections

There will be no recycling waste collected on Christmas Day (25 December) and Boxing Day (26 December). This will be collected on your next scheduled recycling collection - 8 January and 9 January 2019. If you have extra recycling you can put it out next to your black bin as long as it's in a suitable container, such as a box, which makes it easy for us to see what's in there.


What can I recycle?

  • Greeting cards without glitter - can go in your black bin
  • Real Christmas trees - either at the rubbish tips or kerbside collection


What can't I recycle?

  • Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Glitter cards
  • Wrapping paper
  • Laminated paper
  • Shiny metallic paper
  • Ribbon and bows decorations


Opening times for the tip over Christmas

The local tips will be open normal hours apart from being closed on the following days:

  • 24th December - Open until 2pm
  • 25th December
  • 26th December
  • 1st January

After 1st January 2019 the tip opening times will revert back to their normal times.