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Community Governance Review - City-wide

Take part in a survey as part of the Council's city-wide 'pre-consultation'.

City of Wolverhampton Pre-Consultation

The Council has an obligation to periodically review the city's community governance arrangements. This is different to the concurrent review for Tettenhall, which is asking a specific question about the formation of a new parish council. The citywide review is intended to open up a conversation. Known as a 'pre-consultation', the aim is to see whether there is sufficient interest in additional layers of community governance to justify more detailed work.

The Council is seeking the views of residents across the city about the existing community governance arrangements. You can pdf icon download a copy of the consultation document here [8Mb]​.

The document outlines a number of ways in which residents can contribute to the pre-consultation. You can also take part in a short online survey here.