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Bloom - grow up smokefree in Wolverhampton

Pledge for your children to grow up smokefree in Wolverhampton by taking part in Bloom.

Watch this video to find out how to protect your babies and children from second-hand smoke:

Smoking anywhere near a child causes them serious harm, now and possibly forever.

Right here in Wolverhampton every year there are hundreds of cases of children suffering with:

  • lower respiratory tract infection
  • middle ear disease
  • newly diagnosed wheeze and asthma
  • bacterial meningitis

all possibly caused by someone smoking around the child.

Protect your child from smoke. Because Smokefree Children Bloom.

We are here to help you stop smoking, to keep you and your child smokefree and healthy.

Give one of our friendly team a call today to make your appointment. We are part of the Healthy Lifestyles Service and you can contact us on 01902 553838 or you can request free support and help here. 

Available resources for you

View more information on smokefree children.

Do you want pledge for your children to grow up smokefree in Wolverhampton? Download your free pledge

To join in with the Bloom song, click here for the words.

You help your child grow from a tiny caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. You look after them, protect them and help them spread their wings.

So don't let anyone undo your good work by smoking around your little butterflies - even at home.