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Free Governor Events & Training

Boards are responsible for identifying and securing the induction and other on-going training and development governors need.

School governors are "the key strategic decision makers and vision setters in your school or academy". You have a vital role to play in driving school and pupil performance and ensuring that resources are used well to give every child the best possible education. Wolverhampton City Council provides a fully subsidised training programme for Governors.

School Governor training is now held at Bantock House, Finchfield Rd, Wolverhampton WV3 9LQ.

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Our School Governor Training is fully subsidised and available at no charge to all Governors in Wolverhampton, including Academies.

Governors' Forum

21/09/17, 07/12/17, 15/02/18, 10/05/18, 12/07/18,6-8pm

These regular meet-ups, available to all governors, include updates from the School Workforce Team, opportunities for networking, and short training sessions on relevant or new issues.

Disadvantaged pupils - Pupil Premium (DfE Course)

27/09/17, 6-8pm or 28/02/18, 1pm-3pm

The workshop is to improve your understanding of how Pupil Premium funding is used to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children in your care. It will cover: the definition of 'disadvantaged pupils' and funding, the role of the governing board and its accountability, how data can be used to ask the right questions, and whole-school strategies that have been successful and effective

Governor Leadership Development Programme

Cohort 1 (4:30-7:30)02/10/17, 19/10/17, 02/11/17
Cohort 2 (9:30-12:30)04/06/18, 21/06/18, 10/07/18

This programme is suitable for aspiring chairs, those new to the role and experienced chairs. The programme focuses on the essential elements of being an effective chair: the role of the chair, leading the governing body and effective governance, and leading change and continuous improvement.

Governor Induction

05/10/17, 6-8pm or 19/04/18, 10am-12pm

This course covers the basics: what is School Governance, what does best practice consist of, and key safeguarding practices. Essential for new members of your board.

School Budget for Beginners

09/10/17, 10am-12pm or 06/03/18, 6-8pm

This workshop is an introduction and aims to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of your financial role and responsibilities in order to contribute to the best outcomes for each child.

Performance managing the Headteacher

12/10/17, 10am-12pm or 06/06/18, 6-8pm

This workshop aims to assist you in performance managing your Headteacher to ensure they fulfil the governing board's strategic aims.

Essential Safeguarding for Governors

18/10/17, 5:30-8:30pm or 17/05/18, 9am-12pm

This course will help all governors understand the importance of running a safe organisation, covering legislation, the Safeguarding Agenda, and how you can fulfil your roles and responsibilities to protect children from abuse.

Understanding Data (DfE Course)

30/10/17, 10am-12pm or 15/03/18, 6-8pm

Develop your capacity to understand the data presented to you, and use websites like the new DfE ASP tool in order to support your school's leadership team to bring about school improvement.

Financial Efficiency (DfE Course)

09/11/17, 6-8pm or 28/03/18, 1pm-3pm

Develop your knowledge of financial efficiency in a school setting and the tools, techniques, knowledge and skills needed to challenge effectively on financial matters.

Safer Recruitment for Governors

29/11/17, 5:30-8:30pm or 25/04/18, 1pm-4pm

This course will help identify key features of staff recruitment in order to deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people. It will also include the opportunity to consider and reflect upon your school's policy and practices, and review your recruitment process.

Effective Governance & Driving School Improvement

30/11/17, 10am-12pm or 27/06/18, 6-8pm

This workshop enables newly appointed governors to gain wider appreciation of their key role by exploring the key responsibilities of the governing board and the legal framework within which governing boards operate.

Permanent Exclusions: A Governors Responsibility

14/11/17, 6-8pm or 23/05/18, 1pm-3pm

This course will ensure Governors have the support they require to make the most appropriate decisions with regarding excluding pupils. The course will cover Behavioural Policies, Exclusion Prevention Meetings, Early Help Assessment and more, and is run by the City of Wolverhampton Council's Vulnerable Young Persons Team.

Making the most of Governor Visits

20/11/17, 10am-12pm or 03/05/18, 6-8pm

From Learning Walks to checking the Single Central Record, visits to schools are an increasingly complex task for Governors. On this course you can learn what you should be doing and looking for on your visit to maximise its positive impact.

A Governors role in HR

14/02/18, 1pm-3pm

Gain a clearer understanding of your role and responsibilities as a governor or panel member on a disciplinary, grievance or capability panel. We aim to give you the ability to test reasonableness, and an overview of reaching a decision.

Prevent and British Values

08/03/18, 10am-12pm

This introductory workshop supports schools to fulfil their statutory duties with regard to protecting young people who may be susceptible to radicalisation, and outlines when and how to intervene. It is mandatory for at least one board member to have Prevent Training.

Book a place on a course

Click here to book or call 01902 554142.