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Better Care Wolverhampton

What is the Better Care Fund (BCF)?

The Better Care Fund is the biggest ever financial and transformation incentive to bring about the integration of health and social care services and was launched nationwide in April 2015.

Our health and care services need to change from a 'sickness service' to one that is preventative so that we can enable people to live independent and healthy lives in the community for as long as possible, relieving the pressure on hospital services.

In just 15 years' time, the number of over-65s will have grown 50% and the number of over 85s will have doubled. In order to maintain a sustainable and effective health and care system in the face of such pressures, we need to develop integrated models of health and care delivery in the community.

To do this, we have created a pooled budget which funds community-facing health and social care.

This budget is jointly managed in Wolverhampton between the NHS and City of Wolverhampton Council to ensure that this integration happens. The budget supports the delivery of our local plan, which has been nationally approved and will transform services across the city, improve our population's experience of the health and care service in the process.

What are we doing in Wolverhampton?

We have a number of programmes of work which are designing and developing services across Wolverhampton as part of our BCF approach.

These programmes were established last year and have engaged health and social care provider organisations, commissioners, the voluntary sector, GPs, local forums and front line staff to contribute towards a review and redesign of services which focus on the following priorities:

  • Reducing emergency admissions to hospital
  • Reducing the number of delayed transfers of care from hospital
  • Improving the effectiveness of re-ablement
  • Reducing the number of people permanently placed in nursing and residential care
  • Improving the experience of people using services
  • Improving the number of people in Wolverhampton with a diagnosis of dementia.

Who are our active partners in the programme?

 Working together on this programme are the City of Wolverhampton Council, Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Black Country Partnership NHS Trust and GPs, alongside groups and forums with whom we have engaged with, and continue to do so.

Programmes of work

The programmes of work are as follows - please click on each heading to find out more:

  • Dementia Care
  • Primary and Community Care
  • Mental Health
  • Intermediate Care
  • Integration

Further Information

For more details about the Better Care Wolverhampton Programme, please email

Privacy Notice:The Better Care Wolverhampton Programme aims to deliver and improve seamless care for patients and service users. To enable us to do this, some information will be shared between City of Wolverhampton Council, Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust and Black Country Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. If you do not wish your information to be shared please contact