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Dementia Care

Vision: Integrated Dementia Services

A person centred approach across all pathways and journeys that retains and maintains independent living, raising awareness and an improved quality of response.

Integrating health and social care services and prioritising timely diagnosis and early intervention, ensuring people living with dementia are engaged in advanced decisions about future care and treatment, enabling them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

December 2015 update

The Dementia Care workstream has undertaken a whole series of planning this year, which will allow for transformational change to the way in which we deliver care and services to people living with dementia in the city of Wolverhampton.

This is a joint workstream across health and social care, but also includes key stakeholders who are responsible for and dedicated to delivering care and services to both service users and their carer's across the city.

The group has already committed to, and is building, a revised dementia pathway. In addition to this, the group committed to implementing the Joint Dementia Strategy across 2015-17, which was launched in Dementia Awareness week in May 2015.

A key component of the Joint Dementia Strategy is the development of a Dementia Hub for people in Wolverhampton - scoping is now being undertaken to determine what is needed to implement the Dementia Hub.

Supporting this, Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group has appointed four GP Leads for Dementia who will act as champions across the city.

The GP leads will work closely with both the Dementia workstream and their Primary Care colleagues on developing services, guidelines, pathways and the development of community clinics, through close liaison with service providers and the Alzheimer's Society.

Additional funding for 2015-16 was secured from NHS England for the Alzheimer's Society to provide post diagnostic support. This funding has enabled the Alzheimer's Society to employ a dedicated Information Worker to provide a number of different services across the city, one of which is to provide information and raise awareness.

Finally, as part of the CCG's work with GP practices and dedicated work with practices from the Alzheimer's Society, Wolverhampton's Dementia diagnosis rate is currently 75.3% which is above the national average of (67%). Wolverhampton CCG is currently the second highest for dementia diagnosis rates across the whole of the Midlands.