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How do I report an infestation of rats?

You can report an infestation of rats to the council for us to investigate.

Use our report a problem page

What happens next?

The complainant will be contacted and further action will be taken if needed such as letters or ultimately notice served.

If you need to book a treatment for your own property

Our technicians will carry out a treatment to the inside of your property using a licensed professional product. Treatment can take up to 7 days to take effect. Customers can call back for follow up treatment (if necessary) from the 8th day.

Please note, our Pest Control Officer can only access loft spaces when they are boarded. Should the problem reside in your loft and it is not boarded, we will be unable to provide treatment.

How much does it cost

The treatment costs £75 for a one-off treatment and re-visit. Any subsequent revisits will be charged at £40 up to a maximum of three additional visits over a three month period.

Households on full council tax or housing benefit will not have to pay a charge.

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