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My recycling black bin hasn't been collected - what should I do?

Before reporting a missed bin, please check you have put your bin out on the right collection day. Black recycling bins are collected fortnightly.

Your bin may have been missed because:

  • it was not out by 7.00am
  • the bin is too heavy
  • the bin lid not fully closed
  • the recycling bin was contaminated with items such as plastic bags and or black bin bags, nappies, food waste, electrical items or textiles

If none of the above reasons apply to you, please complete the online Report a missed bin form.

Please allow up to 2 working days for the crew to return for a missed bin.

Please note: Missed bins have to be reported within 2 days of your scheduled collection day in order for a crew to return. If you report it more than 2 days after your collection day, your bin will not be collected until the next scheduled collection day.

What goes in my Black recycling bin?

Please note that all bins must be on the kerbside by 7.00am on the day of your collection. They must also be removed from the kerbside by the end of your collection day. Please ensure that all recycling is placed loose in your black bin and not in bags.

  • paper
  • magazines
  • food tins
  • drink cans
  • foil packaging
  • aerosols
  • glass bottles
  • jars
  • cardboard packaging
  • corrugated cardboard
  • toilet roll liners
  • cartons (Tetra Pak)
  • plastic packaging (margarine tubs, yogurt pots, food trays)
  • household plastic bottles (shampoo bottles, bathroom products
  • plastic drinks bottles

If you are having trouble storing your black recycling bin due to its size you can request a smaller black recycling bin by contacting City Direct subject to availability.

Excess dry recycling waste

You can place any excess recycling next to your black recycling bin on your recycling collection day, with whatever is inside being clearly visible in an untied clear bag or a box. We ask that you place excess recycling waste in between bins to avoid them blowing away. Please do not balance them on top of bins or overfill bags or containers.

Unfortunately, we cannot take any recyclables presented in black bags or bags that have been tied. Please note, we do not collect excess garden waste.

We do not offer more than 1 black recycling bin. However, you can also request a larger black bin if there are 7 or more people living in the household. You will need to provide proof of this. Please contact City Direct for more information.

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