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I'd like to report someone dumping rubbish - fly tipping, who do I contact?

Fly tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land and it generally consists of large items of rubbish, furniture, garden waste, rubble, tyres and fridges that are dumped illegally on land instead of being properly disposed of at a Civic Amenity site or a licensed waste disposal site. Any fly tipped materials reported must be within the Wolverhampton boundary.

Report fly tipping

If you discover or witness fly tipping please report it to the council by completing the online form:

You can also keep an eye on your own and other people's reports on a dedicated website where the pictures we receive are displayed on .

Witnessing fly tipping

What should I report?

If you witness fly tipping try and make a note of the following vital information and report it to the Council immediately:

  • the date and time
  • how many people were fly tipping and their description(s)
  • what they were actually doing
  • any vehicles involved, try and note the make, model, colour and registration number
  • where you were when you saw the fly tipping, for example in your home, walking the dog
  • what did you see being tipped
  • how much was tipped

Don't worry if you can't get all the information above, any details you provide in your report could still help in the prosecution of the culprits responsible. Never put yourself at risk by confronting the offenders.

Remember: On your request you can remain anonymous.

What happens next?

Where enquiries are sent to Environmental Health; an investigation will be conducted within 10 working days or as soon as practicable if deemed a hazard/emergency.

You may want to know what to do if you discover fly tipped rubbish or about the removal of fly tipped rubbish.

Further information

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