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Electoral fraud

It is important that everybody involved in an election can have confidence in the process. If you suspect or have evidence of electoral fraud you should contact the Electoral Services team at the Council and/or the Police.

The Police will investigate allegations where somebody is prepared to provide evidence or a statement in support of the complaint.

If you are concerned or think electoral fraud may have occurred, you should raise the matter with Electoral Services (01902 551177 or They may be able to explain whether or not an election-related crime has been committed, and can refer it to the Police as appropriate.

Every police force has a designated single point of contact (known as a SPOC) to lead on election matters. If you wish to contact the Police direct, you can dial 101. Choose the West Midlands Police option and make your report. Alternatively you can visit the nearest staffed police station. Please ask for the report to be labelled "Election" and ask for it to be forwarded to the Economic Crime Team.

Concerns about political finance rules should be raised directly with the Electoral Commission (020 7271 0616 or