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Jobs Fair shows Wolverhampton's youth are ready to 'Make it happen'

Wolverhampton's first Business Week ended last Friday (3 October, 2014) with an Autumn Jobs Fair visited by 1,700 job seekers.

Cllr Peter Bilson, Cabinet Member for Econ. Regen & Prosperity, Cllr Phil Page, Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills & Learning (right) with job seekers (l-r): Zack Smith, Tracey Evans, and Arron James, who secured a job with Angel Springs at the event
Autumn Jobs Fair

A total of 45 employers from industries as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, retail, food and drink and construction supported the event at Molineux Stadium.

One young jobseeker, Arron James, secured a place with water cooler company Angel Springs before the event was over.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Prosperity, said: "When we launched Wolverhampton Business Week we were clear that one of our most important objectives was to encourage new job opportunities for local people.

"The figures from last week's Autumn Jobs Fair speak for themselves.

"BHS has increased the number of pre recruitment training places it has available because of the number and quality of the applicants who came along. Allied Health Care is hoping to invite 30 candidates from the Jobs Fair to preliminary interviews and 25 interviews have been scheduled by McDonald's over the next 2 weeks.

"One person - Arron James - so impressed Angel Springs that they interviewed and recruited him then and there.

"All of this is a clear sign that Wolverhampton isn't just open for business - it's ready for work".

Councillor Phil Page, Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Learning said: "The big story to take from this event is that Wolverhampton's young people are ready and willing to take advantage of the chances on offer.

"No less than 50 signed up for KicFM's apprenticeship and volunteering opportunities, while a similar number signed up for training information sessions with HIT training. Many more attracted positive attention from the other employers who took part.

"That's why the council and its partners will carry on supporting them by developing training and skills offers that build on the excellent work our schools are doing.

"In the end, though, it's all about people - and Wolverhampton's have certainly shown that when it comes to our city's future, they're ready to make it happen".

  • released: Thursday 9 October, 2014