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Children's Continuing Care

The Continuing Care Team's main purpose is to coordinate an open and fair process for assessment of the highly complex individual health and care needs of your child or young person to decide whether or not their needs meet the eligibility criteria for continuing care funding.

For detailed information download: pdf icon Children's Continuing Care [278kb]
For a brief guide for young people and parents download: pdf icon Children and young peoples continuing care [368kb]

The Continuing Care Team are the people who review funding packages, the quality of the services provided to your child or young person and they also assess the on-going needs of your child or young person over time.

When your child or young person is critically ill and diagnosed with very complex medical health needs, they may need additional support to cope with day-to-day living. In most cases, their complex needs will be supported by services provided by your local hospital, New Cross, or by a specialist children's hospital like Birmingham Children's Hospital. Some children or young people need support when they are not in hospital and community support services such as Community Children's Nurses or District Nurses, social care and education provide this support.

Some children and young people have even higher complex needs and require very specialist support which is not provided by the services already in place. To make sure your child or young person gets the highly specialist support services they need, we have to carry out an assessment of their need and this is called 'A Children and Young People Continuing Care' assessment.

A 'Children and Young People Continuing Care' assessment makes sure that the very complex needs of your child or young person are assessed correctly and that the most appropriate care package is put in place for as long as it is needed by them.

The Continuing Care Team based at the Clinical Commissioning Group manages this process for you.

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