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Tettenhall and Heathfield Park residents in yes vote

Residents in 2 areas of Wolverhampton have given a resounding yes vote in a ballot to shape the future of their communities and which puts the city at the forefront of national changes to planning policy.

People living in Tettenhall and Heathfield Park voted on proposals contained in their respective neighbourhood plans on Thursday (17 July).

92% of people voted yes to the Tettenhall Neighbourhood Plan and 91% of people voted yes in Heathfield Park.

These are Wolverhampton's first neighbourhood plans and put the city at the forefront of neighbourhood planning nationally.  Wolverhampton is the first metropolitan area to hold a neighbourhood plan referendum and the first anywhere to hold a referendum with more than 1 area taking part. The Tettenhall Neighbourhood Plan is also the largest set of proposals anywhere in the country to reach this stage.

Both Plans were created over the past 3 years by residents from Tettenhall and Heathfield Park via their local neighbourhood partnerships, with support from the council's planning, housing and neighbourhood services teams. 

The Neighbourhood Plans have been based on extensive consultation with people who live and work in the 2 areas through roadshows, community events, meetings, workshops and household surveys. 

The plans support the delivery of 975 new homes, investment in parks, open spaces and transport facilities, provide a stronger emphasis on local character in planning decisions and provide a basis for the improvement of residential areas including the regeneration of the Heath Town Estate.

Everyone of voting age who lives in the designated neighbourhood plan areas was given the chance to have a say on these proposals at the referendums. 

The Neighbourhood Plans will now be formally 'made' by the council and will form part of the statutory Development Plan until 2026. They will influence planning decisions the council makes about any future development proposals in the Tettenhall and Heathfield Park areas of the city.

The Neighbourhood Plans can be read at Neighbourhood Planning.

  • released: Monday 21 July, 2014