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Young people help spread the anti bullying message

Children and young people from schools across Wolverhampton will come together this week to support a campaign to stop bullying.

Macey Kraushaar (9), Loxdale Primary Sch, Jak Pearson (10), Tyler Webb (9), Edward the Elder Primary Sch, Sian Simpson (9), Holy Trinity Primary Sch post their thoughts on bullying onto the graffiti wall at Anti Bullying Conf with Cllrs Gibson & Page
Anti Bullying Conference

A series of events including a 2 day conference, a road show in schools and youth centres and other activities will take place in the city, under the overall theme of 'The Future is Ours', as part of the National anti bullying week, which runs until Friday (22 November).

The main aim of the conference workshops are to send out a message that bullying is not acceptable while also highlighting the support and help that is available to those affected by it.

It is also aimed at providing young people with the skills and resistance to stand up to bullying when it occurs.

A conference was held yesterday (Tuesday 19 November) which was attended by pupils and teachers from a number of Wolverhampton primary schools.

A second day of conferences catering for secondary school pupils will take place today (Wednesday). Around 200 children in total will have taken part over the 2 days.

These events feature workshops, a video booth and a consultation exercise to capture the views of young people.

In addition, the young people are being asked to take a graffiti wall back to their schools and get contributions from all the pupils at the school. A road show will also visit some schools and youth clubs during the rest of the week.

Councillor Phil Page, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Learning, said: "I am delighted to see so many children and young people from across the city taking part in this important campaign.

"It is great that the young people will take what they have learned about bullying this week back to the classroom and carry on this good work."

Councillor Val Gibson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: "As well as educating young people that bullying is not acceptable, it is important they realise the devastating effect such behaviour can have on victims.

"We also need to show victims of bullying that they do not have to suffer in silence and the help and support is there for them, should they need it."

  • released: Wednesday 20 November, 2013