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Wolverhampton Health and Wellbeing Board

Health and Wellbeing Together is a partnership board of health and care organisations who work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community and reduce health inequalities.

H&WBT Logo
H&WBT Logo
The board is currently in the process of renewing its Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2018- 2023. You can contribute to the consultation on the strategy here:


Health and Wellbeing Together board meetings take place quarterly and are open to the public. Please view Committee Details to access information about board membership, meeting dates, agendas and minutes.


The main functions of the board are:

  • to prepare and publish a joint strategic needs assessment
  • to prepare and publish a health and wellbeing strategy based on the needs identified in the joint strategic needs assessment and to oversee the implementation of the strategy
  • discretion to give an opinion on whether the Council is discharging its statutory duty to have due regard to the joint strategic needs assessment and the health and wellbeing strategy
  • to promote and encourage integrated working including joint commissioning in order to deliver cost effective services and appropriate choice. This includes providing assistance and advice and other support as appropriate, and joint working with services that impact on wider health determinants