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Detailed information guides on Benefits and Welfare Reform

Information for residents and advisers on benefits and welfare reform including 'volunteering and benefits' and current benefit rates guide.

Benefit Bulletins

Information Guides

pdf icon Bulletin 1: Welfare Reform [484kb]pdf icon Guide 1: Universal Credit [1Mb]
pdf icon Bulletin 2: Two Child Limit [462kb]pdf icon Guide 2: Universal Credit Claims and Payments [562kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 3: Family Element [386kb]pdf icon Guide 3: Universal Credit - Claimant Commitment [760kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 4: ESA Less Money [552kb]pdf icon Guide 4: Sanctions and Hardship Payments [298kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 5: Changes to PIP [605kb]

Guide 5: Universal Credit and the Work Capability Assessment*

pdf icon Bulletin 6: New Bereavement Support Payment [490kb]pdf icon Guide 6: Employment and Support Allowance [595kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 7: HB and CTR Reviews [469kb]pdf icon Guide 7: WCA Toolkit [413kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 8: Council Tax Reduction [338kb]pdf icon Guide 8: Personal Independance Payment [548kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 9: Universal Credit Full Service [793kb]pdf icon Guide 9: PIP Toolkit [339kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 10: Budget Changes to Universal Credit [804kb]‚Äč

Guide 10: Form Filling*

pdf icon Benefits Bulletin 11 - PIP Mobility 23.1.2018 [732kb]pdf icon Guide 11: Benefits and Young People [708kb]
pdf icon Benefits Bulletin 12 - PIP Ending Awards Early 24.1.2018 [682kb]pdf icon Guide 12: The Benefit Cap [884kb]
pdf icon Benefits Bulletin 13 - Mortgage Interest Support (REVISED) [769kb]pdf icon Guide 13: Spare Room Subsidy [841kb]
pdf icon Benefits Bulletin 14 - Universal Credit - Too Sick to Work 2 [675kb]pdf icon Guide 14: DWP Social Fund [324kb]
pdf icon Benefits Bulletin 15 - ESA Too Sick to Work [1Mb]pdf icon Guide 15: Local Welfare Assistance [501kb]
pdf icon Benefits Bulletin 16 - Online Appeals [587kb]pdf icon Guide 16: Benefits and People from Abroad [850kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 17: Universal Credit Migration [756kb]pdf icon Guide 17: JSA Santions [482kb]
pdf icon Bulletin 18: Historic ESA Error October 2018 [368kb]pdf icon Guide 18: ESA Sanctions [741kb]


pdf icon Guide 19: Disputes and Appeals [466kb]
pdf icon Volunteering and Benefits [1Mb]pdf icon Guide 20: Going to Appeal [884kb]
pdf icon WRS Benefit Rates Guide 2018-2019 [103kb]Information Guide 21: Useful Contacts and Websites*

*Work on these Guides has yet to be completed. Once completed they will appear on this page.