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School Organisation Team

The School Organisation Team is responsible for discharging the Local Authority's statutory duty to ensure that there are sufficient school places available within the city.


Across all aspects of the council's Education Department, consultation is seen as key to developing and maintaining schools that will benefit pupils, communities and the local economy.

Whilst there are some things that we are legally bound to consult on, we are keen to go far beyond this and consult with the people who will benefit from the changes we're making at all stages of the process.

Statutory consultation

Local authorities have a duty to promote high educational standards and ensure that there are sufficient school places within their area.

A number of factors including population changes, regeneration, and individual schools' performance can all impact on demand for schools and the suitability and sufficiency of school places.

When changes to schools are proposed, Local Authorities must ensure that they undertake a process known as Statutory Consultation.

You can view any existing consultations via the Consultation Page.

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School Organisation Team
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