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Highway Improvement Lines

Highway Improvement Lines (HILs) identify land set aside for possible future highway use.

HIL's are currently identified on the following roads:

  • Alfred Squire Road
  • Birches Barn Road junction with Bradmore Road
  • Cannock Road  - Cambridge Street to Prole Street
  • Cannock Road  - Old Fallings Lane to Croft Lane
  • Darlington Street - School Street to Ring Road
  • Worcester Street - junction with Pitt Street
  • Goldthorn Hill - Goldthorn Avenue to Ednam Road
  • March End Road
  • Meadow Street
  • Millfields Road
  • Horseley Fields - Shakespeare Street to Corser Street
  • Parkfield Road
  • Rookery Street Wednesfield
  • Wednesfield Road - Ring Road to Inkerman Street
  • Wellington Road - junction with Hall Park Street and Wolverhampton Street
  • Willenhall Road - Corser Street to East Park Way
  • Wolverhampton Street - junction with Mill Street Bilston

The highway improvement lines are included in the Unitary Development Plan see page 228 Section 14.6 Policy AM5.

A detailed set of Ordnance Survey maps showing the limits of all the HIL's are available for public inspection, and may be viewed free of charge, during office hours at the address below.


Transportation Development
Regeneration and Transportation
Wolverhampton City Council
Heantun House
Salop Street

Please note there is a charge, currently £46 (July 2007), for written replies to enquiries. There is however no charge for verbal information or inspection of the plans.