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The Returning Officer will be holding a briefing session in February for prospective candidates and agents for the forthcoming local election (3 May 2018). If you are interested in attending please contact Electoral Services on 01902 55 5050 /

Running for office

Electoral Services can provide information about the procedures for standing as a Candidate at elections and all the necessary forms.

To stand as a candidate at an election to the City of Wolverhampton Council you have to complete a Nomination Paper endorsed with ten signatures of electors who are registered in the ward in which you wish to stand. 

Qualifications for standing in a Local Government Election

To qualify as a candidate in a city council election you must sign a declaration stating that on the day of the election you will be able to meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • you must be registered as a local government elector in the Register of Electors for Wolverhampton
  • you must have owned land or premises in Wolverhampton for the whole of the 12 months preceding the day* of your nomination
  • you must have had your principle or only place of work in Wolverhampton for the whole of the 12 months preceding the day* of your nomination
  • you must have lived in Wolverhampton for the whole of the 12 months preceding the day* of your nomination

* the day of your nomination will be the day your Nomination Paper is endorsed with ten signatures 

Disqualifications for being elected as a Councillor

Under the Local Government Act 1972 certain persons are disqualified from holding office as a Councillor.  In most cases these are persons who work for and are paid by a local authority and are not allowed to be elected as a Councillor for the same local authority.

Here you can find more information about standing for election.

Visit the 'Be a Councillor' website

Visit our dedicated be a councillor website,, where you can take an eligibility test, undertake e-learning and view video case studies to find out more about standing for election and being a councillor