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Neighbourhood Support Service

A confidential service giving advice and assistance to enable older or physical or sensory disabled people to maintain their home and continue to live independently.

Who can apply?

  • people aged over 60
  • physical or sensory disabled people of any age

How much does it cost? 

The Neighbourhood Support Service is free, however, a charge may be made by some services that are referred to you.

Making a referral

A referral for Neighbourhood Support can be made by contacting the team directly:

Write to: 

174 Chervil Rise
Heath Town
WV10 0HP

What support is available?

A Neighbourhood Support Officer can provide:

  • advice and put you in touch with a range of other services in relation to:Housing - including repairs, energy efficiency, home maintenance and security
  • modifications to the home making life easier and safer
  • finances - claiming benefits managing debt, planning major purchases, or even making a will
  • staying safe
  • filling forms, dealing with organisations like the bank, council, NHS or pensions service
  • socialising, getting out and about, joining social or community groups
  • domestic tasks such as shopping
  • care in the home including bathing, taking medicines or even looking after pets
  • Health Treatment and advice - including hospital visits, chiropody, eating well and taking gentle exercise.
  • developing skills and hobbies such as computer skills and painting
  • crisis support offering bereavement counselling, confidence building and help dealing with emotional stress