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Help2Travel information system

Help2Travel is a travel information system that enables up to the minute travel information to be exchanged easily between transport authorities,.

It allows for quicker and more efficient responses to travel problems.

You can view the latest travel information for Wolverhampton and the region at the Help2Travel website.

Real-time information available includes:

  • temporary signals
  • accidents
  • road closures
  • congestion
  • events (eg concerts)
  • hazards (eg fog)
  • roadworks
  • matrix sign information

Other travel information

Help2Travel also features real-time travel information on:

  • train arrivals, departures and delays
  • car park information
  • bus and metro
  • cycling
  • air quality

About Help2Travel

Part of the European Commission's, Fourth Framework research programme, Help2Travel builds on the work of the Quartet project in developing Integrated Road Transport Environments.

The project brings together Wolverhampton City Council and eight other UK regional authorities, covering the nation's 'crossroads' in the Midlands

The research programme aims to help establish co-operative management and control strategies by using a flexible communications network provided a common platform.