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Traffic light maintenance

The Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Service is responsible for the operation, maintenance, improvement and repair of all of the traffic signal installations.

Reporting a traffic light fault

If you see any faults with any traffic signals in Wolverhampton or wish to report any related problems  then please contact City Direct.

Urban traffic control service

The Maintenance of traffic signals is a fundamental aspect of the Urban traffic control service. At present there are 89 junctions and 114 pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic signals within the city. In delivering this service over 4,500 faults or checks are processed each year.

A maintenance programme has been developed to refurbish sites on a 15 year cycle.

There are two main contractors employed to assist with the maintenance, Peek Traffic Services who deal with technical faults and Carillion Contracting who deal with lamp faults and other first line attendance requirements.

The Traffic Management System continuously monitors the controlled signals with many of the faults being reported automatically. This enables us to reduce our investigation and repair response times.