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Gambling premises licence

Apply for a gambling premises licence.

A gambling premises licenses allows you to carry out gambling at a:

  • casino premises
  • bingo premises
  • betting premises including tracks
  • adult gaming centre
  • family entertainment centre.

How to apply

An application for a gambling licence can only be made if you are the person:

  • who holds an operating licence or has made an application to the Gambling Commission which authorises the activity in respect of which the premises licence is sought. This does not apply to an application for a premises licence which authorises a track to be used for accepting bets.
  • who has a right to occupy the premises to which the application relates.

As part of your application, you will also need to submit a plan of the premises.

Provisional statement

You may wish to apply for a provisional statement before you enter into a contract to buy or lease property or land to judge whether your development is worth taking forward before you apply for a premises licence.

You may also apply for a provisional statement for premises that already  have a premises licence, either for a different type of gambling or the same type.


pdf icon Gambling Premises Fees [20kb]

Application form

pdf icon Application Form - Gambling Premises [27kb]  

If you are applying with a provisional statement, click on the PDF icon below to download the form:

Notice of application

When you apply, you must prominently display a notice of application on the premises you have applied for and advertise the notice in a local newspaper.

pdf icon Notice - Premises License (Company) [25kb]
pdf icon Notice - Premises License (Individual) [12kb]

Notice of provisional statement

If you apply using a provisional statement, you must display a notice of provisional statement at the premises you have applied for and advertise the notice in a local newspaper.

For guidance about advertising a notice of provisional statement, contact us.

To download the relevant notice of provisional statement template, click on the PDF icon below:

pdf icon Notice of Provisional Statement (Company) [17kb]

pdf icon Notice of Provisional Statement (Individual) [25kb]

Returning your application

Complete and return the forms with the correct payments to the address below.


As part of the process, responsible authorities, interested parties and members of the public can make representations by commenting on your application.

Representations take the form of written statement outlining opinion and actions.

Members of the public can only make representation about the changes proposed by you, the applicant.

Representations must be made within 28 days beginning on the date on which the application was made to the licensing authority.

Contact us

You can enquire at the Civic Centre reception desk from Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5pm and Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Please complete our general enquiry form providing as much information as you can to enable us to respond as quickly as possible.

Or write to:

City of Wolverhampton Council
Civic Centre
St Peters Square