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Premises register - alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment licences

Every licensing authority is required to publish a register which records details of licences and certificates issued under the Licensing Act 2003.

Important note

The register changes daily and is updated on a weekly basis, therefore the lists of entries should only be taken as an indicator rather than a definitive list of licensed premises.

About the register

The PDF download of the register is sorted in alphabetical order by name of premises.

pdf icon Alcohol, Late Night Refreshment and Entertainment Register [142kb]

Where the premises have no name, it is listed by its postal address.

Layout of the register

  • Column 1 - Licence number of that application
  • Column 2 - Name of the premises as registered in the application
  • Column 3 - Address of the premises
  • Column 4 - Type of application
  • Column 5 - Date the application was granted. If this section is blank then it is possible the application is pending.

Application types

Premises Licence Application

Application made for a licence for premises to be able to undertake licensable activities. This may be for regulated entertainment, late night refreshment, to sell alcohol on and off the premises or a combination of these.

Premises Licence Conversion

Application to retain standard hours previously authorised under the Justices Licence issued under the Licensing ACt 1964.

Club Certificate Conversion

Application to retain standard hours previously authorised under the Club Registration issued under the Licensing Act 1964.

Variation of premises Licence

Application to vary/amend any part of the licence.

Variation of Club Premises Certificate

Application to vary/amend any part of the club premises certificate.

Variation of Premises DPS

Application has been made to change the nominated Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). The DPS is the person named on the licence who has to hold a Personal Licence to sell alcohol and is the point of contact for the responsible authorities.

Transfer of Premises Licence

Application has been made to transfer a premises licence to a different holder.

Duty to notify change Name/Address

Notification that the name or address of the premises licence holder has changed.

Interim Authority Notice

Application which allows the premises to continue operating in the event of the licence lapsing. Must be given within 7 days of the licence lapsing.

Notification of Interest in Premises

Notice given that someone has a legal interest in the premises and has to be advised of any changes to the licence.


Application made for the licence or certificate to be brought before the Licensing Sub-Committee for review. Interested parties or responsible authorities can apply for reviews.