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Communities stand together at Iftar

Community leaders from across Wolverhampton have marked the end of Ramadan with an act of solidarity with the local Muslim community.

The city's Community Cohesion Forum which includes representatives from a range of organisations and agencies such as the city council, the police and local voluntary organisations, joined worshippers of Wolverhampton Central Mosque last night (Wednesday 31 July, 2013) for the traditional Iftar dinner, the post-sunset meal which breaks the Ramadan fast.

Earlier this month, police found the seat of an explosion and debris on the island near the mosque. They believed an explosive device may have been planted on the evening of 27 June, before going off the next morning. Two weeks ago, the mosque and surrounding area was evacuated while police carried out their investigation into explosions in Walsall and Tipton.

Mahmood Khan, spokesman for the Wolverhampton Mosque Trust said: "Recent events have reminded us of the strength of community relations in Wolverhampton. The help of the police during the investigation and the support of the local community have been very heartening. By joining us for a significant event in our calendar, the Community Cohesion Forum is expressing solidarity with the local Muslim Community."

The Forum's Chair, city council Chief Executive Simon Warren said: "We were delighted to be invited to Iftar and to enjoy the hospitality of Wolverhampton Central Mosque. Once again, Wolverhampton has shown that when one of our local communities is under threat, we stand together, united in our diversity."

  • released: Thursday 1 August, 2013