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School transport

If your child is has difficulty getting to school, he or she may be entitled to school transport.

If your child is under 16

If your child had a Statement of Special Educational Needs or is undergoing a formal assessment which includes trips to the proposed school, the council may be able to help you with your child's school transport.

We will provide help with travel arrangements for children up to the age of 16 who live more than 3 miles' walking distance (2 miles for 4 to 7 year olds), from the nearest suitable school.

We will also consider assisting you with your child's transport, regardless of how far you live from the school, if your child's special educational needs are such that he or she is unable to walk to school (accompanied by you or another adult if needed), or use public transport services.

Young people aged 16 to 19 attending special schools and resource bases

When a young person remains at a special school or resource base beyond the age of 16, we will normally continue providing the same help with transport previously provided up to 16. If this is still appropriate, we will then review this annually.

There may be transport available for young people attending further education colleges. Each case is looked at on an individual basis.

Find out if your child can get help

Telephone: 01902 551122
Minicom: 01902 555554

Write or visit:

City of Wolverhampton Council
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Children and Young People Services
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