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You may be entitled to a discount on your Council Tax if you are looking after someone who is living with you and meet certain criteria.

You must either:

  • provide care on behalf of a charity or local authority for at least 24 hours per week and are paid no more than £44 per week;
  • care for someone who is not your husband, wife, partner, civil partner or child under 18, and who is entitled to certain benefits, for at least 35 hours a week on average

This discount can be backdated if you can prove your eligibility.

Please note: You will only be eligible for a discount if all/all but one of the occupants are 'disregarded' for Council Tax purposes.

Please be aware that you do not need to be in receipt of Carer's Allowance to be classified as a carer.

Apply for discount/exemption
Apply for discount/exemption