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Parks' opening hours

All parks are unlocked every day no earlier than 7am and no later than 8am.

Park Locking Times 2017

The Parks are officially closed at the time shown. Please vacate the parks by the time shown.

Closing times for all parks vary throughout the year with the exception of Northycote Farm and Country Park which closes daily at 5pm and all day on Christmas day.

West Park the final gate (Southgate) closes at the stated time all other gates start closing 30 minutes earlier.

The Park Ranger locking the parks listed below will visit the following locations in sequence and therefore the actual locking of the park may be up to 60 minutes later than the official locking time shown.

From Date1st May 201728th August 20172nd October 201729th October 201712th February 2018
To Date27th August 20171st October 201728th October 201711th February 201824th March 2018
West Park10.00pm8.45pm7.30pm5.00pm7.30pm
Smestow Valley,
Claregate PF
Northwood Park10.15pm9.00pm7.45pm5.15pm7.45pm
Ashmore Park10.30pm9.15pm8.00pm5.30pm8.00pm
Wednesfield Park10.45pm9.30pm8.15pm5.45pm8.15pm
East Park11.15pm10.00pm8.45pm6.15pm8.45pm
Hickman Park11.30pm10.15pm9.00pm6.30pm9.00pm
Bantock Park10.00pm8.45pm7.30pm7.00pm7.30pm