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Key Stage 1 Phonics

Screening Checks

The phonics screening check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. It will identify the children who need extra help so they are given support by their school to improve their reading skills.


As with KS1 and KS2 test administration the Phonics Screening check is subject to STA security and administration requirements as detailed in the assessment and reporting arrangements handbook and all specific handbooks and guidance.

The relevant handbooks can be accessed via the following links:

Unannounced visits are made to 10% of schools and academies before, during or after the check period in June to ensure that schools have robust procedures in place to maintain the integrity of the checks.

In 2017 10 Wolverhampton schools were visited and in all instances procedures were appropriate and fully in line with STA guidance. If you have any queries you should contact Jo Horlock on 01902 556576 or