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Key Stage 1 Assessment

End of KS1 assessment

STA announced in July 2016 that there would be minimal change to the moderation arrangements for 2017.

Therefore, teacher assessment remains the main focus for the end of Key Stage 1 assessment and reporting and is carried out as part of teaching and learning. All teacher assessment is moderated to ensure consistency.

The moderation process will be in line with the arrangements in 2016 with new timelines and an updated process to meet STA requirements this academic year.  In 2017 all KS1 moderators have  successfully completed the STA moderation training and standardisation exercise to ensure a thorough and consistent understanding of the standard which will result in secure judgements.

External moderation at the end of KS1 is statutory, all schools and academies are subject to formal moderation arrangements at least once in any four year period. Some schools will be moderated more frequently as moderation remains a key tool to support teachers and schools to be sure that standards are in line with national expectations.

Wolverhampton schools may be moderated more frequently if:

  • the year 2 teacher is new to the end of key stage 2 assessment;
  • the school has been identified for additional support by external monitoring (Ofsted) or local school improvement initiatives;
  • where moderation is required by STA.

Schools are required to submit teacher assessment data to the local authority by Thursday 29th June 2017.

Schools that are selected for inclusion in statutory moderation arrangements will be notified on or after 19th May 2017. The window for KS1 moderation visits is Monday 5th to Thursday 29th June. Each school selected for KS1 moderation will receive a half day visit by a member of the KS1 moderation team.

KS1 Moderation Process

In 2017 the KS1 moderation process will focus on outcomes for reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers will be asked to provide evidence to support teacher assessment judgements made for a sample of pupils in each teaching group with year 2 pupils. Pupils will be selected randomly from information provided to the moderator at the start of the moderation visit, or the day before, if data has been sent early, by local agreement.

Full details of the STA KS1 Moderation process and requirements, along with the Wolverhampton KS1 Moderation Arrangements can be found in the local authority handbook and the '2017 teacher assessment external moderation: key stage 1' published in October 2016. Both documents are housed on this website.

Testing Arrangements

In 2017 all schools are required to administer KS1 tests in reading and mathematics during May. Schools may choose to administer optional GPS tests during this period. The test materials for reading and mathematics will be delivered to schools w/c 27 March. KS1 test materials are subject to similar storage and security requirements as seen historically at KS2. KS1 Materials are subject to secure storage requirements from the date of delivery to the end of May 2017. STA outline security of test material requirements in para. 6.2 of the 2017 ARA document . Schools should ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place.

As a minimum there should be:

  • a lockable cupboard or cabinet;
  • detailed arrangements for access to materials (who, when and why);
  • written confirmation of KS1 roles and responsibilities circulated to all staff;
  • a  signed copy of the delivery note to show the materials have been checked;

In 2017 the local authority is required to visit a minimum of 10% of schools and academies to complete administration and security checks. All advisers completing monitoring and security checks are DBS checked.   

KS1 Headteacher declaration forms 

All Headteachers will be required to complete and submit a Headteachers declaration form for the KS1 assessment requirements. This is an online return and will be made available on the NCA Tools website at the end of the statutory assessment process. Completed Headteacher Declaration Forms should be submitted by Thursday 29th June 2017.