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Parliamentary Election 2017

Official notices and results of the 2017 election in Wolverhampton.

A Parliamentary election took place on Thursday 8 June and MPs were elected for the three Wolverhampton constituencies: Wolverhampton North East, South West and South East. Results of the local vote are shown below.

The City of Wolverhampton Council's Twitter feed also followed the action during the evening.


Wolverhampton North East

Turnout: 60%
Electorate: 60,770
Votes cast: 36,593

Candidate (Party)Votes
EARDLEY, Graham (UK Independence Party)1,479
JENKINS, Ian (Liberal Democrat)570
MACKEN, Sarah (Conservative Party)14,695
REYNOLDS, Emma (Labour Party)19,282 (Elected)
WOOD, Clive (Green Party)482

Wolverhampton South East

Turnout: 60%
Electorate: 60,301
​Votes cast: 36,390

Candidate (Party)Votes
BERTAUT, Amy (Green Party)421
HODGSON, Barry (UK Independence Party)1,675
MATHIS, Ben (Liberal Democrat)448
McFADDEN, Pat (Labour Party)21,137 (Elected)
MULLAN, Kieran (Conservative Party)12,623

Wolverhampton South West

Turnout: 71%
Electorate: 59,971
​Votes cast: 42,461

Candidate (Party)Votes
CANTRILL, Andrea (Green Party)579
JONES, Rob (UK Independence Party)1,012
QUARMBY, Sarah (Liberal Democrat)784
SINGH, Jagmeet (Independent)358
SMITH, Eleanor (Labour Party)20,899 (Elected)
UPPAL, Paul (Conservative)18,714


Council notices of election

Situation of polling station notice